cocktail robot workshop

Thanks for your interest!

Please send an email to to apply to participate!

What: During this workshop you will build a cocktail-robot that is capable of preparing a mixed drink.

When: tbd

Where: tbd

How: There is a maximum of 15 participants. There will be groups of 2-4 people working on one robot.

Mode A: Paying EUR 200,- you will learn how to build a cocktail robot AND get to take home the robot you built. (there is a maximum of 4 slots for this mode of participation)

Mode B: Paying EUR 100,- you will still learn to build a cocktail robot! (up to 11 persons can choose this participation mode)

Who: This workshop is brought to you and will be held by long-time Roboexoticans Chris Veigl, Franz Ablinger or Magnus Wurzer.

To sign up, please email:

Materials and tools will be provided.

The teams of participants are invited to show their cocktail robots at the next Roboexotica Festival.

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