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Welcome to Roboexotica!
Festival for Cocktailrobotics since 1999

In 2021, Roboexotica goes on tour.

The first and leading festival on Cocktailrobotics temporary moved to Linz. Created by Shifz and the art collective monochrom, the festival has been held since 1999 in Vienna and now and then in San Francisco. From September 9 to 11, during Ars Electronica Festival, cultural association DH5 in cooperation with monochrom brought Roboexotica to Linz for the first time.

And Vienna? Nothing in Vienna?

Of course we will bring cocktails to you! As we have tried it out last year and it worked out really well, we will be on tour in Vienna with our cocktail mobile again.

You will be able to follow us through Vienna via live stream and get the latest updates from our robot building friends all over the world. You can call us and we will come to you and let our robots mix a cocktail right in front of your house!

Save the date: Friday, Dec 10 to Sunday, Dec 12, 2021.

+43 1 305 49 68 - you drink, we drive!

(Psssst! You missed day #1? And all the interesting guests? Luckily there is a recording!)

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