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Welcome to Roboexotica!
Festival for Cocktailrobotics since 1999

In 2020, everything was different.

Roboexotica v21.0 could not take place as an ordinary exhibition at all, as you might have already guessed. So for this year, Roboexotica was held as a Home Delivery Service. You called us, we drive up to your home and a robot will mix a cocktail right at your front door!

Until what seems almost recently, no attempts had been made to publicly discuss the role of Cocktail Robotics as an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebenswelt, or to document the increasing occurrence of radical hedonism in man-machine communication. Roboexotica is an attempt to fill this vacuum. It is the first and, inevitably, the leading festival concerned with cocktail robotics world-wide. A micro mechanical change of paradigm in the age of borderless capital. Alan Turing would doubtless test this out.

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