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Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2019.

Jakob Glasner, Paul Wolff, Marie Pircher
It's the new economy: you pay with your data! It will be sold immediately in an art auction. Do you trust your barkeeper?

shot "em up!
Tom De Roeck, Sunder Raj, Kilian Wöber, Steven Duffus
Shoot the bottles and collect the dripping liquids to get a cocktail!

Amalettomat 1.2
The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crepes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! This year a new speed control was introduced.

Franz Ablinger, Heidi Trimmel
It runs around in your bar and keeps your toddler (and elder children) busy while you enjoy a cocktail.

Turn the wheel of fortune and win an airplane bottle of - no, not Jagermeister, but the famous german Klopfer brand!

Thomas Preindl
Still under construction. The concept involves standing waves, Ouzo and water.

Litto Daniela
You collect a virtual drink travelling a digestive tract? It might taste excitingly different in the real world!

monochrom feat. Thomas Preindl
The Spritzerbot is a cocktail robot which serves Kaiserspritzer, a mixed drink of wine, soda water and elderberry syrup. Its open and non-obfuscating design encourages one to explore the working mechanisms of the machine. The insignia was meticulously designed by Luis Utrillas. Prost!

Alex Rössler, Raphael Keisler, Felix Eisenbauer, Max Fuxjäger
Roberto, the industrial robotic barkeeper is ready to serve you.

Spass mit Mass
Reinhard Sprung
The accuracy game related to drinking and self-restraint. It not only tells you when and how much to drink - it also rewards you if you stay within your limits. Please note: Spaß mit Maß is not responsible for loss of memory, decency, and eyesight. Please ask your robot bartender for more information.

Old Sparky
Reinhard Sprung
Electrocute your sausage - American style.

Homeopathic Cocktails
Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom)
Enjoy homeopathic Cinnamon Tequila Hot Toddy and Long Island Ice Tea.
Info about used dilutions:
24X/12C (10^−24)
Has a 60% probability of containing one molecule of original material if one mole of the original substance was used.
60X/ 30C (10^−60)
Dilution advocated by Hahnemann (the inventor of homeopathy) for most purposes: on average, this would require giving two billion doses per second to six billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to any patient.

Love Tester 3000
Thomas Kranabetter
Don"t be shy! Prove your love making skills and become a certified champion!

rebel bot
Kaname Muroya AKA Kenny
The Austrian Government recently announced a prohibition for shisha-bars, but the law does not apply to ROBOTS! Thus it does protest for the smoker-rights for us meat bags.

Frame 2.0
Ryan Finnigan
Third annual Robobexotica interactive poster. Still a frame that pours you a shot. Well, it should pour a shot. But we lost the Drinkomat key last year - so no booze this year. Still it is nice to watch the blinkenlights.

Offerus Ablinger, Hagendorfer
Stay away from floating sausages in the outdoor pool, we were taught. Eat or die, they said! Blessed are the pork sausages of the nation. The homophobic sausage haters, even hanging sausage on sausage in a chain.

12" pianist
Franz Ablinger, Jesse Zbikovski
Already shown in 2010, the pianist lost his head and a leg, when Jesse wanted to show him to the guests of a piano bar at the red light district on Gürtel Wien. The original music electronic by Phil Stearns got lost. For the 20 year anniversary of Roboexotica the pianist got a new head - and a leg in plaster (original work by Jesse Zbikowski trying to repair the broken bot).

Humanoid Drinkbot
Dave Hyde
A show robot.

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