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Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2016.

The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crèpes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it!?

Kaname Muroya, Petra Neumüller, Munich Maker Lab (Jan Wingefeld), Jakob Haimberger
no description so far

Flaming Assbot
Eric Singer
It's your favorite drink, the "Flaming Asshole", prepared before your eyes by the Flaming AssBot, and served HOT.

Gaston: Undurstrie 5.0
Nima Kaboli, Andreas Nevlacsil, Martin Steinacher
Gaston is a fully automatic beverage serving system that can supply several drinking stations with a selection of mixes. Gaston moves along a given path and waits at the stations for empty glasses of thirsty partygoers. As soon as a glass is inserted into the robot, the target beverage can be selected and Gaston moves to the mixing unit, where the empty glass is refilled within seconds. The selected booze is timely and reliably delivered to the appropriate drinking station.

Johannes Grenzfurthner
Globo is the ultimate combination of a) the revitalizing power of Grander-Water (1%) and b) Stroh-Kirsch-Rum (99%). A truly spiritual, truly Austrian drink - presented in the form of a beautiful Fountain of Truth. Globo delivers its potent potion in a very special way, so Globo makes it possible to consume the energizing liquid fast and in huge quantities and in a very natural method: licking! For humans and dogs!

Mittwoch Abend
Benjamin Aigner
no description so far

Chris Thomas Palmer
A rimshot is a drum flourish used to punctuate a joke in a cabaret or vaudeville act. This piece speaks to power by highlighting the abject ridiculousness of the things our leaders say.
It's also great as a bar conversation starter.

Marc Oliver Schrank
From the depths of very persistent idleness comes Onkel Olli's "Schnapsorgel" which can be translated as "Booze Organ". Once adjusted to recipes, the system delivers to the surface of perception a count of hundreds of cocktails an evening. Based on the hardware of Bartendro by Party Robotics, the Schnapsorgel is a logical step further into total carelessness. Fifteen freely definable ingredients leave room for completely new recipes. A Chaos Mode helps the undecided to his deserved alcohol intoxication. Cheers! Here’s to you.

tldr: "Schnapsorgel" will get you drunk in an instant!

Wolfgang Pfusterschmied, Gerhard Seidl
Shoot down all the evil creatures the multiverse has to offer and be rewarded with delicious megaseed juice! But take care, when failing they will come and get you, so be prepared with appropriate ammo!

Shot From Above
Reinhard Sprung
Shot From Above is a gift from the gods. This machine serves you tasty alcohol shots, in varying sizes, directly into your multi-purpose food intake slot. No dishwasher required since every intermediate transport container has been obliterated from this setup. Just put in some coins, take position, aim your mouth upwards and push the button. If you're successful, a nice shot of alcoho will tickle down your throat and not splash your face.

monochrom feat. Thomas Preindl
The Spritzerbot is a cocktail robot which serves Kaiserspritzer, a mixed drink of wine, soda water and elderberry syrup. Its open and non-obfuscating design encourages one to explore the working mechanisms of the machine. The insignia was meticulously designed by Luis Utrillas. Prost!

Suck Your Luck
Christoph Bruckner, Thomas Kranabetter
In an engaging game two opponents have to suck male genetalia as hard as possible. Goal is to suck harder than the opponent. An LED shows the current level of suction. The winner receives Vodka, the loser lemon.

The Misobot
Daniel Schatzmayr, Shlomit Migay, Team Dash
The Misobot, as it's name suggests, is a miso soup serving robot. It was completely self-made, using 3D-printed parts, laser cutting and milling. The robot has a transparent futuristic design esthetic, it will serve your soup with style and with a playful experience. The perfect healthy snack before a good night of alcoholic binging!

The PPPC 511216 (Populistic Plebian Proletariat Cocktails), Model: Dystopian 0004
Aaron Beck
Model: Dystopian 0004 is designed to keep Party members fueled and lubricated, in a celebatory mode. Combining the novely of Jell-O-Shots with the nourishment of Sulz (Presswurst), the Dystopian 0004 distributes rations of Sulz-shots to keep the People's Party members great again.

Trust Me
Dan Wilcox, Anika Hirt
Make your order by calling the golden ass on the red hot line. If you're lucky you might get what you want but otherwise it's just like real life. You can try to explain but the ass will know better. You will be served a tremendous cocktail, The best!
A speech recognition system takes your order and makes a better choice for you. The Eliza-based chat bot will show you the asses through process, if it makes sense or not. Your order will be autocorrected. The bar has a selection of 40 cocktails, composed from 13 ingredients. Whiskey to orange juice, red wine to mint liquor.

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