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Annual Cocktail Robot Awards v24.0 (2024)

Your robot is supposed to have skills in either one of the following categories:

  1. Serving Cocktails: Your robot must be capable of delivering a pre-prepared mixed drink to a patron.
  2. Mixing Cocktails: Your robot must be able to prepare a mixed Cocktail.
  3. Interaction: Your robot must exhibit interaction/conversation skills befitting a Cocktail Bar situation.
  4. AI: A cocktail robot, blended with artificial intelligence. That's an unbeatable combination! Prove it!
  5. Bar food: Machines that produce and deliver food at the bar, as you need to eat well to keep drinking.
  6. Other Achievements in the Sector of Cocktail Culture: Carte blanche - convince us your contraption has anything to do with either Cocktails or Robots, ideally both!

If you want to submit a robot for ACRA v24.0, just point out what your cock-bot can do in your own words, include whatever documentation and visual material seems necessary and send it as an e-mail to or send a snail mail to

roboexotica c/o monochrom, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria EUROPE

The sixth category - other achievements in the sector of cocktail culture - may also be applied for with non-robot gadgets or inventions as well as mere concepts or documented ideas ...

The best robots in each category will be awarded - and there are numerous special prices as well!

The deserving winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards v23.0 (2023) are:

  1. Mixing: Schluckspecht
  2. Interaction: Cute Kawaii Bot
  3. Bar Conversation: Bar Therapy
  4. Food: Amalettomat 2.0
  5. Education: Vögel Robot
  6. AI: Karl-Isis
  7. Sound: Sipsynth
  8. Esotericism: Drink of Fortune
  9. Years of Effort Special Award: Chaos Calmer Bot
  10. Public Humiliation Special Award: Homecoming
  11. The Lime: Alpha Wave Cocktail
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