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Location of Roboexotica 2017:

REAKTOR, Geblergasse 40, 1170 Wien

In 2017 Roboexotica will take place in a brand-new location. People from Vienna will recognize it as the former Etablissement Gschwandner in Hernals. This place dates back to 1838, where it was established as a Heuriger (wine tavern would be a poor translation for this kind of beaujolais nouveau institution). From 1900 on it served as the "Grand Etablissement Gschwandner" and was most famous for opulent dance events in the Viennese suburbs. The location closed in 2012; it was re-opened after renovation in September 2017. In November 2017 cocktail machines will take over their REAKTOR to make the place great again. Maybe as a dancehall for robots?

You can reach REAKTOR via tram 43 (Palffygasse), tram 44 (Yppengasse) or you walk two blocks from U6 stop Alserstrasse, which will lead you to REAKTOR in about 7 minutes.
Details can be found here.

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