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robots 2011

Squeezing Machine
Joa Knierzinger
This machine is an assistence for producing hand-squeezed juice - a pragmatic exoskeleton helps the painstaking manual work. The symbiosis of human and machine / machine and human is a experiment to develop a cybernetic work unit for cocktails.

Robert Martin
Kiwi! Banana! Play for your non-alcoholic drinks, kids!

Adrian Dabrowski
It's a robot that smokes cigarettes. Feed it yours, as a gesture of goodwill!

Der Exot
Der Exot is the resurrection of a project monochrom started as early as 1997: a mobile robot with a mounted camera that can be controlled via web interface. But that's tricky. If too many people try to control the robot at the same time it is counter-productive. Der Exot would behave schizophrenically. It would move without plan, and wander aimlessly. Der Exot is the anti-crowd source robot. The users have to discuss and cooperate via a chat interface to communicate what they want to achieve, where they want to go, what corners they want to explore, and - most important - what fruits they want to crush to get the sweet nectar for cocktails!

Cock's Bar
Eder Johannes, Huber Oliver, Leder Norbert, Moser Harald
Cock's Bar is the device you've always dreamed of! You will nurse on loads of tasty cocktails without annoying your guests or even yourself by preparing them. It's a pneumatic device which utilizes magnetic valves to mix a great variety of different cocktails. The key is a highly sophisticated estimation algorithm controlling the magnetic valves which allows us to prepare all of these drinks without any sensors.

The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crépes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it?

fountain of stupidity
Florian Bittner
Very much contrary to the fountain of wisdom the fountain of stupidity is a modern spring of contemporary entertainment! A searching person will find entertaining comfort in alcohol. Pale cheeks will shimmer and become red, noses will swell and eyes turn moist as intoxication shows. As we are still living in times of prohibition this installation contains only government approved and taxed drugs - namely alcohol. Cheers!
PS: Once LSD is legally available, this installation will be even cooler. Promise :-)

Lovebot 3000
Christian Mairinger, Stefan Braunstein
Kiss! - all couples who follow the Lovebot 3000's challenge will be rewarded with two shots. Thanks to sophisticated sensors and adaptive neural networks Lovebot 3000 is able to detect if the couple in front of it is actually kissing. A little peck on the cheek on the first date or a sensual smooch - Lovebot's algorithms know how to reward mutual affection: with two shots of Amor's illegally produced Elixir of Love to sweeten and loosen those next kisses.

PrecariBot: A Twittering Tip Jar in Times of Precarious Work
Jens Ohlig
Precariedad. Precariedade. Précarité. Precarietà. Prekariat. Precarious: Nonstandard employment which is poorly paid, insecure, unprotected, and cannot support a household, is on the rise in Europe, especially in the service industry. While drink-mixing robots and machines represent the fun side of Post-Fordism in bars, let's talk about money here.
The PrecariBot is a simple, Arduino-based tip jar. Customers, probably "firststage gentrifiers" in the neighborhood of the bar, possessing the relevant cultural capital and smart phones, get lured in by the technological novelty of tipping using a QR code and the peer-to-peer currency of Bitcoin. The tip jar will spread messages about precarious work on Twitter with every tip received. At the end of the month, those registered as precarious workers with the tip jar get an e-mail message that asks them to organize and redistribute the acquired wealth.

Josh Ellingson, Franz Ablinger (monochrom)
The Purgatron is Josh Ellingson and Franz Ablinger's contribution to RoboExotica 2011. Are you dissatisfied with another cocktail robot's creation? Send your bland cocktail out of purgatory with the Purgatron. Insert your drink into the bartender robot and choose the fate of your cocktail's soul. You can take the devilish path of spicy hellfire additives, or enhance your cup with heavenly sweetness. Either way, your drinking experience will be changed for eternity.

The Voodoo Doll
Sigrid Herz, Conny Köhle, Daniela Krammer, Bronagh Linck-Ryan, Katrin Mostböck, Angelika Poganitsch, Marion Schaberl, Nadja Tomic, Max Winter
Born like Aphrodite from the foam of the sea this doll didn't come to bring us love. He came to bring hatred and sorrow all over the world. Drinking like Dionysus is the only thing he has in common with human kind. Wearing a jute yarn made outfit soaked with pure delicious liqueur he is sitting in front of you - burping, giggling and thinking what kind of pitiful bastard you are. Do your justice and save the world some liqueur - give that lousy bastard son of Medusa-Barbie a stab in his fat belly!

Shoot the Tiki God
Ursula Bogner, Christopher Eder, Stefan Kaltenegger, Basti Meier, Lukas Nöckler, Rüdiger der Roboter, Daniel Schütter, Daniel Stein
Run for your lives! The Tiki God's wrath is upon us. He stole all the drinks on Hawaii and hid them in his mountain lair. Now he is running amok and only you can save the Hawaiian village from complete destruction. Your only weapon: a blowgun. Shoot his eyes or his mouth, so that he stops rampaging and releases the alcoholic treasure.
PS: Bring a friend, so that he can get the treasure, while you are fighting the God.

Balazic Daniela, Derntl Alexandra, Dreusicke Viviane, El Heliebi Dina, Guschlbauer Lucas, Horvath Antonia, Kernjak Stefan, Kozlica Zrinko, Lantzberg Gerrit, Marx Mariella, Meyer LĂĽcken Anahi, Nienstedt Nils, Schneeberger Julia, Somborn Suelie, Suppan Julia, Winkler Ash
Avast pirate wannabes! Yer drinkin' a Salty Dog? How’d ye like t' try t' real thin'? Let's get together and haul some keel. Be merry me mateys, sin' and dance, and get yerself some Grog. Aye, I guarantee ye, ye'll do some givin' o' yer own.

The World Succer Cup
Gerulf Dösinger, Tanja Gahr, Lisa Hauser, Dominik Huber, Tamara Kober, Phillip Kraker, Carina Lex, Ulrike Mayerhuber, Christian Perner, Birgit Reischl, Bernhard Resch, Christine Schober, Anna Spindler, Elisabeth Mörz, Matthias Niggl, Marcellino Zus, Daniel Berghold
For those who are bored with casual nightlife - fancy disco lights and heavy beats - the WSC represents an action loaded alternative, combining two of the world's most popular disciplines, table soccer and beer drinking. For each score the two winning team players are literally filled up with a load of beer AND they don't even have to take their hands off the handles since the WSC is a totally automated drinking machine that will take care of you and your teammate. As long as you score you just can't loose - either for the short pleasure of a big shot of tasty beer or the jackpot of complete intoxication. Cheers!

Bow Before Me!
Johannes Mentasti, Melanie Kraxner, Sabrina PreiĂźl, Nicole Eibel, Greta Grabner, Carina Koren, Katja Stifter, Lisa Schelch, Lisa Hermann, Max Hermetter, Simone Wenth, George Kaulfersch, Patrick Musil, Johanna Ortner, Josephine Hetkamp, Verena Seidl
Bow before me! I am your God! Your Tiki God who came from the jungles of New Zealand to grant the honour of worshipping me to all nonbelievers. Come to my grotto of sensory perceptions and prove yourself worthy of appeasing me through your dance! As a reward you will receive a magic potion that I will make up by using my rituals. And don’t you dare to disappoint me! If you do, my anger will be enormous and I will deny you the nectar of the Gods forever!

Juicy Balls
David Purkarthofer, Martin, Pallua, Lukas Hofer, Kurt Alber, Lisa Ecker-Eckhofen
You fucking moron, shitty asscock, fat ass bastard, mother-fucking jackass, cock-sucking fuckbrain, stupid assbag, bitchy cumbubble, damn dickbag! Either go away and cry for your mommy, whoreface, or just kick me in my freakin' balls if you dare to!

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller
MELMACC (Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation) is a cocktail mixing robot focussing on versatility and reliability. It boasts a wide selection of drinks, which can be ordered via a custom touchscreen interface. MELMACC has been in development as a hobby project since 2003, adding new features and improving existing ones constantly. The latest additions are a robot arm to add a straw and stir your drink and a mobile web interface so you can order a cocktail from your smartphone.

Daniel Schatzmayr, Andrea Reiss, Nora Neumann
"I am gonna replace my soul with tschunk and become immortal." Ambrosia, the divine drink, is offered to you in the form of tschunk by a flower willing to interact with you. Amboribot is alive, a hybrid of robotics and origami inspired by Matthew Gardiner.

Chris Veigl
A Roboexotica veteran. Serves snacks. Yummie!

White Russian Hippie
1st Vienna Cocktailrobot Workshop Crew: Heidi Trimmel, Karina Schwarz, Franz Ablinger, Chris Veigl, Magnus Wurzer
This cocktail robot is the outcome of the first Vienna cocktail robotics workshop held in 2009. As the name suggests, it offers the choice between a White Russian or its vegan counterpart - the White Hippie! Made from Arduino processors and found parts, it mixes and serves the cocktail with ice when a glass is placed on the designated platform and a choice of drink made by pressing a button.

Kal Spelletich
It is what it is. It's dangerous. And serves you meat.

Gigapan Portraits
Rich Gibson
Explore high resolution portraits of cocktail robots from RoboExotica, have a high resolution portrait taken of yourself or your robot friends.

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