Take a look at this year's robots.
Here is a list of the robots of 2009:
Jamie Price
BaR2D2 is a mobile bar that features a motorized beer elevator, motorized ice/mixer drawer, computerized drink mixing, and sound-activated neon lighting. The robot is drivable so you can take the party on the road! It was garage-built in about 8 months.

Fang den Cocktail
Daniel Roßberg, Sebastian Six
A hexapod cocktail beetle! A button triggers alternating splashes of Vodka and OJ ... a spectacle for both user and spectator!

Hansi Raber, Tom Feiner
Resembles an old-school photo camera - a box covered by black cloth. when someone sticks their head inside, a countdown starts. Everytime the person blinks the countown is reset. If and when the person manages to avoid blinking for ten seconds they are administered a refreshing splash directly in their mouth. For the entertainment of by-standers the pictures of inside the box are projected on the outside.

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller
Short for: Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation. Melmacc is a cocktail mixing robot. It boasts a wide variety of popular cocktails which are prepared directly before the patron's eyes.

Bender Drinking Rodriguez (view as gigapan)
a full-metal binge-drinking buddy, version "drinking unit 42"; bad-tempered, extroverted, built to gulp it down! Try to escape the unearthly charms of this gleeful (yet rusty) companion, but you surely can't. He will buy you a drink. But what kind of drink you will get, only his semi-functional circuitry knows.

Hobot (view as gigapan)
Stefan Arztmann und Matthias Esterl
Poor Hobot has two big problems: He is addicted to booze and broke as hell. Of course the second problem is the reason for the first and vice versa. It is not easy for him to see his mechanical colleagues giving alcohol to foreigners all day long. Please help this homeless, homesick fellow by sparing him some change. He would be pleased if you could help him get shit-faced for another day. Thank you!

Bagatelle Concrète
Martin Pichlmair & Fares Kayali
Bagatelle Concrète is a pinball machine turned into a musique concrète game. Musique concrète is a form of electroacoustic music that utilises acousmatic sound as a compositional resource. Instead of playing for a score, the player plays for music. The other half of the name - "bagatelle" - points to the history of pinball games. Bagatelle was an ancestor of modern pinball created in 1770 for King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

Kaaarl the Buck
Antes Julia, Eisner Bernhard, Frank Sandra, Gmeindl Christina, Huber Thomas, Kerschbaum Julia, Krogger Claudia, Mautner Katharina, Migelbauer Agnes, Ploy Petra, Radeke Anne, Schmölzer Lisa, Stern Christoph, Wirth Kerstin
Kaaarl is a robot that is made out of an imitation deer's head and real horns. The drink that he makes is a mixture of 'Jägermeister' and 'Red Bull' which is better known as 'Flying Hirsch'.
The ingredients are stored in the backside of his head and are released down to his mouth when a user pulls the two horns. The Roboexotica participant must put their cup underneath to receive the cocktail and enjoy the nice feeling of ingesting alcohol together with liquid energy. Sometimes Kaaarl feels too good in his insides and he starts to ring. There is a hunter next to him who is supposed to scare people. Using the barrel of his gun, the participant can test how much alcohol they already have in their blood.

HAL 9001
Mario Altvater, Matthias Gasser, Katrin Kohl, Stefan Pausch, Marian Pramberger, Sebastian Reichl
HAL 9001 is an automatic abusing/punching robot. He takes pride in knowing over 100 abusive and insulting phrases to offend you in the worst way possible. Take revenge by punching him as hard as you can. Project your anger on the robot and as a reward, you'll get alcohol. The robot measures the intensity of the punch you delivered to him, and repays you with alcohol depending on the strength of your blow. So don't be shy, after all he insulted your mother! Turn your aggression into alcohol!

Loaded Question
Mitch Heinrich and Marius Kintel
Would you like a drink? The Loaded Question will force feed you the answer. It's a time warp mashup of old and new technologies that makes long distance alcohol consumption easy. Leveraging the most tried and true of human computer interaction technology, it's an adventure in single-button tactile interface design. Combine that with a mix of homebrew liquid laminar flow and microcontroller technologies, it propels a metered shot of alcohol across the room with pin-point accuracy.

Plasmastaub (view as gigapan)
Robot design by: Deutschmann, Clifford; Figo, Jakob; Jimenez-Arango, Carolina; Puffing, Michael; Sadilek, Helene; Steinhauser, Julius -- Robot environment by: Holzer, Florian; Kollmann, Lisa; Maurer, Franziska; Wieshofer, Ursula
After the robot exterminations of the year 3078, PLASMASTAUB is one of the last remaining jackBOTS®. A group of resistance fighters managed to retrieve him and some of his fellows from neuralization by sending them on an adventurous journey through time. The robots were supposed to be sent into the future where a harmonic coexistence between man and machine would be possible ... but something went terribly wrong. Due to a loose lead in the energy supply module of the time machine, the target date was reset to January 1st 1970. In the year 2009 a group of FH-students decided to submit a wild-west-bar-robot to ROBOEXOTICA. Looking for the required materials they found the (albeit severely damaged) jackBOT® in the very back of one of their grandfathers' metal dumps. Immediately becoming fond of the robot, the project team decided to repair PLASMASTAUB. By changing a few parameters they turned him into a rude, arm wrestling, whiskey slinging wild-west-barBOT.

The Miraculous Stigmatabot (view as gigapan)
David Fine, Aaron Muszalski, Jonathan Moore; Crew: David Rappoport Allen, Ted Beatie, John Daniel, Jonathan Foote, Jason Dusek, Tom Raphael Eaves, Valerie Leavy, Audrey Penven, Shalaco Sching, Ramon Yvarra (a special thanks to Noisebridge, a collaborative DIY hackspace in San Francisco, CA)
A forgotten relic of a fictional future, The Miraculous Stigmatabot was rebooted for your sins. A martyr to the abandoned ideal of the Anthropomorphic Automaton, the Stigmatabot now performs the miracle of transubstantiation, using what little energy flows through his fading circuitry to convert water into wine. Penitents are invited to place their grail below the Stigmatabot's wound spigot (lower right torso) and then pour pure water into the Stigmatabot's holy funnel (upper left shoulder), while repeating the following prayer:
O Roomba, O microwave,
I forsake thee!
Gloria in anthropos deus.
In Nomine Asimov, et ASIMO
et Robosapien,

Flamethrower BBQ
Kal Spelletich
It is what it is. It's dangerous. And serves you meat.

Eva Andrä, Lucas Gerstgrasser, Matthias Kampitsch
This bot caricatures the peer pressure somebody encounters during heavy drinking sessions. You have to face the infamous "ex ex ex" ("drink! drink! drink!") raucous bawling while being offered whiskey and beer. Are you able to resist? Or do you like the pressure and satisfying the crowd behind you? Give it a try!

Project Moscow Mule
Daniela Böhm, Michael Fasching, Anna Hilber, Magdalena Kahr, Julia Machan, Lukas Meisterhofer, Angelika Simbeni, Gianna Catherine Tatzel, Silvia Vollnhofer, Marlene Wolfmair
The glacier is melting and the world is being drowned in a mix of vodka, ginger ale and lime juice. Only you can rescue the last remaining part of the world by participating. Take a straw and tap the stream!

Alic Mersiha, Assefi Mathias, Engelbogen Martin, Freiberger Elias, Gruber Karin, Jahn Mario, Kessler Marisa, Kurre Kristina, Meisinger Simon, Mendlik Mischa, Münch Roland, Pokorn Antonia, Raggam Thomas, Rauchbüchl Cornelia, Recher Judith, Tschmuck David, Witternigg Christian
After long years of secret research "NYRFACE" found a new unique way of cocktail consumption. Still in the testing phase, the method shall remain secret, for the things happening behind the walls of the laboratory are possibly too awesome and scary for the general public.

Kyle Machulis
Bartris is a project for the Roboexotica 2009 party in Vienna. It creates a drink for the user based on their performance in a game of tetris. As each line is formed, the program keeps track of the color makeup of the line. At the end of each level, the amount of colors summed through the level are used to decide how much of each ingredient of the drink to use. The color of each piece relates to an ingredient of the drink. In this case, gray is rum, and brown is coke. In order to put some challenge into the game, the blue pieces represent water. To mix a good drink, a player will want the right balance of rum and coke, with as little water as possible, forcing the player to throw pieces away at some point, or else deal with a bad drink. Source Code available at http://www.github.com/qdot/bartris/

Sex Toy Orchestra
Kyle Machulis
Instruments created out of an old prototype of the Segment Virtual Hole sex toy and a Rez Trance Vibrator. The Virtual Hole is capable of creating notes and chords when its 6 motors are set to certain speeds, and the Trance Vibrator provides a low frequency percussion and drone element. Toys are controlled using a TouchOSC based interface on the iPhone, talking to PureData on a laptop. Source Code available at http://www.github.com/qdot/sex_toy_music

Adult Mario
Kyle Machulis
Sure. Mario runs through the levels to get the princess. But why do you think he picks up the coins and slides down the flag pole on the way? Because it gets him drunk and feels good! However, most players didn't realize that because they couldn't experience it first hand. That is, until now. Through the marvels of modern technology, we've now created a more immersive version of Super Mario Bros. Feel the wind whip past your face as you run through the level. Shiver as you feel the slide all the way down the flag pole at the end of the level. Marvel as the complex lighting of super mario bros illuminates the world around you. Then there's the alcohol. For every coin you get, a small bit of a drink ingredient is poured in your cup. You must finish the level to completely mix the drink. The height of your jump on the flagpole decides how much of the second drink ingredient is poured. Every time you die, water is poured into the drink. Finish the level without dying, and you have a nicely mixed beverage. Lose the game before finishing the level, and you get watery soda.

The Corpse Reviver (view as gigapan)
Benjamin Cowden
This mechanical contraption produces a death-defying cocktail by means of levers, knobs, and a bit of sinister alchemy. The victim/operator must place their glass in the center of the device, and then pull each of four levers in turn. The first three levers tip the bottles, pouring the ingredients into a holding container on top of the machine. The fourth lever releases the contents of the beverage, which gurgle down a tube and spray over ice, finally funneling into the user's cup. The apparatus is entirely mechanical, and its outcome (a mixture of brandy, cognac, and sweet vermouth) positively malignant.

Not Stirred (view as gigapan)
Franz Ablinger
A machine that attempts to mix the perfect martini, as described in Ian Fleming's James Bond novel "Casino Royale".

White Russian Hippie (view as gigapan)
1st Vienna Cocktailrobot Workshop Crew: Heidi Trimmel, Karina Schwarz, Franz Ablinger, Chris Veigl, Magnus Wurzer
This cocktail robot is the outcome of the first Vienna cocktail robotics workshop held in 2009. As the name suggests, it offers the choice between a White Russian or its vegan counterpart - the White Hippie! Made from Arduino processors and found parts, it mixes and serves the cocktail with ice when a glass is placed on the designated platform and a choice of drink made by pressing a button.

Metalab prints your shot-glasses
Philipp Tiefenbacher, Amir Hassan and others members of the Metalab posse
Metalab is the Viennese hackerspace (if you're frightened now, please talk to us). We are an open community interested in making stuff happen, learning and improving our skills. Cocktail-related things are bound to happen in a relaxed setting. At Roboexotica 2009, we will 3D-print some shot-glasses for you. At our own space you can ask for (and if you're lucky, get) the world famous cocktail Tschunk, which combines the virtues of alcohol, sugar and caffeine. w00t!

Chris Veigl
A Roboexotica veteran. Serves snacks. Yummie!

Robomoji (view as gigapan)
Robert Martin
The drinking machine to crush all drinking machines! It's the Industrial Revolution of Mojito-making. Slow, yet convincing!

Wodka Bot
Misprint Thursday
It uses Vodka. (However you might spell it.)

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