Location - how to get there

Address: Nestroyplatz 1, 1020 Wien (2nd district).

We strongly recommend to get to Roboexotica by public transport or take a taxi (around EUR 10 from the inner city), as you might get drunk not only from the air inside the exhibition space. The space is located at Nestroyplatz, which is on Praterstrasse, half-way between the inner city and Prater amusement park. Getting there is easy and leaving as well, as Praterstrasse is one of the big boulevards in vienna. You can use this tool to find your way.


If you want to use the local taxi system, give them the address "Nestroyplatz 1". If the driver asks back if you go to Nestroyhof, then he's got it for sure. All local taxis have a number plate that ends with "TX". They all are bound to a fixed tariff system. Expect something between 10 and 20 Euro, depending on where you stay in Vienna.

To go back: When you leave Roboexotica, there is a taxi stand a few meters to the left at Praterstrasse 26-28. You also will find taxis passing by at Praterstasse that you can stop.


If you insist on using Uber: around EUR 6-9 for an UberX ride from Museumsquartier Wien to Nestroyplatz 1. If you like to ride Black or Van, expect up to around EUR 20.


Currently there are three providers of e-scooters (and we are expecting more to come in 2019):

Lime, Tier and Bird. They basically all work like this: install the app on your mobile, create an account. Find a free scooter on the map, scan the QR-Code on the scooter - and off you go! All providers charge EUR 1 per ride plus 15 cent per minute.

Please be sure to check the app where you are allowed to ride - and keep in mind that drinking and driving can lead to a fine of up to EUR 5.900 even for scooter-users in Austria.


Praterstrasse is one of the big bike lanes. You will find your way there.

If you choose to take one of the free citybikes - the next return station is at Praterstrasse, corner Nepomukgasse - just a block away on the other side of the street.

If you arrive by train at Wien Hauptbahnhof go to Radstation, located right to the Taxi stand and the regional busses outside main station. Here you can get a Citybike Tourist card for EUR 2.50 per person and day, avoiding the credit card registration process at the citybike terminals. Usage of the Citybikes is free if you return it at any station within the hour. Rental fees run from the second hour, so be sure to return the bike at any citybike station in time.

We recommend taking a bike only one-way - on your way to Roboexotica. What we wrote for e-scooters applies to bikes as well: don't drink and drive.


If you don't want to take a taxi (EUR 30 from airport to the city), use the Vienna Airport Lines busses for EUR 8. Plan your trip in advance, there are three lines, covering different city areas.

You can take an OBB Railjet train to Wien Hauptbahnhof main station for EUR 4.20. Tickets are available from the vending machines in the underground airport train station. Regional trains (RegioJet) cost the same, some of them go to Wien Nordbahnhof / Praterstern, which is close to Nestroyplatz. The City Airport Train offers the same, but the train is green and costs EUR 11 per ride (they will offer you a return ticket for EUR 19). All trains going in direction Vienna will bring you to the subway network.

public transport lines

Very simple. Get on subway line U1, go to Nestroyplatz. Be sure to take the exit Nestroyplatz. When you leave the subway, go around the next corner and you're there. Subways in Vienna run all 3-8 minutes until midnight. On Friday and Saturday they run all night long.

Opening and closing nights on Thursday and Sunday will be serviced by night bus N25. It runs all 30 minutes, at 14 and 44 minutes each hour, departing simultaneously in both directions - just in front of the theater. If you go in direction Schwedenplatz (departing on the other street side, 1 stop to go), you will have direct and immediate connections to all other night busses, so you can be sure to get home. Tickets that you use during daytime are also valid on night busses. You can buy one for EUR 2.40 at the ticket machine on the bus.


Take a 10 minute walk to Schwedenplatz. Head for St. Stephens cathedral, that you can see when you walk on Praterstrasse (at least from the other side of the street). It's a nice walk and you might find some pubs on your way as well.

It's also a 10 minute walk to Praterstern. That's one of the big train station and also serves as the portal to the Prater.

You're safe!

Have a safe ride! Remember that you are always safe in this city, wherever you go. Enjoy your stay at Roboexotica!

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