Location - how to get there


Step 1: go to Linz.

  • From Vienna its 90 minutes by train. Use Ă–BB or Westbahn.
  • 2 hours (or 183 km) by car on the Westautobahn.
  • Ă–BB offers hourly direct connections from Vienna International Airport - 2 hours. And there is Linz airport (LOWL, LNZ), just in case you want to park your own plane nearby.

    Step 2: go to HerrenstraĂŸe 5

    DH5 is located right in the city center, at HerrenstraĂŸe 5, in the pedestrian area between Landhaus and cathedral. Enter the archway and take the stairs to the right.

    We strongly recommend to stay in Linz, as you might get drunk not only from the air inside the exhibition space. All major hotel chains in any price categories can be found within walking distance. Be sure to book in advance, as Ars Electronica will be the busiest time of the year. If you want to visit Ars Electronica as well, we recommend the Linz Linien Wochenkarte for 15.90 EUR. It will allow the holder to use the whole public transport system for one week from validation of the ticket. Also available in the "LinzMobil App".

    public transport Linz (Linz AG Linien)

    Linz offers 4+1 trams and 16 bus lines. The nearest stop is Taubenmarkt. All tram lines can be found there.


    If you want to use the local taxi system, tell them to go to Herrenstrasse 5. Depending on the time of the day Taxis may not be allowed to enter the pedestrian area and drop you off at Promenade - around 50 meters from the location.

    city Bike Linz

    You can use the public city bikes that are available at city bike stations all over town. Download the app and register. You can use them for 30 minutes for free one time a day. They will charge 1 Eur per 15 minutesa afterwards.

    electric scooters

    Three free floating scooter providers are currently active in Linz: Tier, Kiwi and Lime.
    Please note that you cannot drop the scooters anywhere in the city. You are limited to marked scooter parking spaces. The apps will provide the necessary information.

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