Location - how to get there

Address: REAKTOR, Geblergasse 40, 1170 Wien.

We strongly recommend to get to Roböxotica by public transport or take a taxi (around 15 EUR from the inner city), as you might get drunk not only from the air inside the exhibition space. The space is located at Geblergasse, a one-way-street leading to Gürtel. Getting there is easy and leaving as well, as night busses with connections all over town will run all 15 minutes along the Gürtel boulevard.


When you use a taxi, the new location name REAKTOR will not help you. Keep in mind that it was called Gschwandner for over 100 years, so this name will not vanish in the next months... Request a ride to Gschwandner, Hernals, and you'll be fine. To go back: There are two taxi stands near the location. In the night you also will immediately find a taxi passing by on Gürtel or on Ottakringer Straße.


Take the bike lane on Gürtel until you reach Hernalser Hauptstraße. If you choose to take one of the free citybikes - the next return station is at Hernalser Hauptstraße, corner Palffygasse - right at the block, where REAKTOR is located.

We recommend taking a bike only one-way - on your way to Roboexotica. Please keep in mind that drinking and driving can lead to a fine of up to 5.900 eur even for cyclists in Austria.

public transport lines

You can reach Roböxotica with these public transport lines:
  • U6 Alser Straße + 7 min walk up Geblergasse to number 40 on the right-hand side (it's the 3rd block from Gürtel).
  • Tram 43 Palffygasse. Geblergasse is just around the corner, if you follow Palffygasse.
  • Tram 44 Yppengasse + 5 min walk thru Bergsteiggasse.
  • Subways run all 15 minutes on Friday and Saturday all night long, opening and closing nights will be serviced by night busses also running all 15 minutes so you can be sure to get home.

  • N64 and N43 night busses will stop in front of subway station U6 Alser Straße
  • You're safe!

    Have a safe ride to the suburbs of vienna. Remember that you are always safe in this city, wherever you go.

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