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Roboexotica 2020 Home Delivery

We have teamed up with our friends from werkzeugH, Schönbrunner Straße, Wien. We will deliver robotic drinks to you!

Call us and we will drive up to you, power up a cocktail robot and prepare a nice drink for you right in front of your house!


We can offer these fine robotic cocktails:

(Menu may vary. We might run out of ingredients during the night.)

Each drink served at the Roboexotica 2020 cocktail robot delivery extravaganza is exactly 8 EUR. This includes the journey, the production of the drink in or at the Roboexotica vehicle and the delivery of the drink via public roads.

Financial and legal details

The payment will be made in cash upon delivery. The Covid-19-regulations are to be kept absolutely. Only one person is allowed to pick up the cocktail and attend the mixing process. Possible gawpers should please go across the street for video and photo shootings. We support the media dissemination of Roboexotica, but we would like to point out THE VIRUS and the REGULATION.

Two members of the monochrom protection squad will act as stewards on site. THESE ARE TO BE OBEYED! We comply with all medical and epidemiological safety regulations and all members of the crew have ben tested negative for Covid-19 today. Hurray.

Please order (name, address and telephone number) via order hotline +43 / 1 / 305 49 68. Roboexotica is a project of pure pleasure. It is also art. Of course we try to supply all callers, but a message on our voice box is not a legal contract. What goes, goes, capice? Whether we come or not depends not only on the traffic situation and chance...

Live updates

Where we are and what we do can be followed live during the driving times here: the live video link. We will call the custumer's phone number before we leave for an address to clarify details.

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