robots 2023

Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2023.

Alpha Wave Cocktail
Nick Manseder
Press the button and you will get the Alpha Wave of a tasty cocktail sent on 145 MHz.

Amalettomat 2.0
The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crepes, automagically! The machine really is mature now. You almost can leave it to the customers without any supervision.

Franz Ablinger, Heidi Trimmel
It runs around in your bar and keeps your toddler (and elder children) busy while you enjoy a cocktail. Still no one has found out about the hidden air pistol.

Bar Therapy
FH Joanneum
no description yet

Binge Buddy
Stefan Lutschinger
It detects what you are currently drinking and it will recommend the next drink.

Booze Buddy
A semi-automatic cocktail delivery system with interaction.

Chaos Calmer Bot
Kenny Muroya
The finest cocktail - shaken, not stirred! Chaos Calmer tries to set new standards for cocktail robotics by introducing automatic shaking to the canon of automation.

Cocktail Frame
Ryan Finnigan & Roboexotica Crew
The Frame - initially introduced by Ryan Finnigan in 2012, has been reworked. Cocktail Frame now features a coin slot - and a shot of pure vodka.

Cute Kawaii Bot
Hidéo Snes, Litto / Daniela Weiss
Are you drunk enough to receive another cocktail? You may prove it by striking a pose. An AI will judge if your pose is worth one more cocktail!

Das Kokserl
Jasmin Hagendorfer
You will be offered a special drink, quite popular in Upper Austria: das Kokserl. It consists of Inländer Rum, coffee beans and powdered sugar. You take the sugar and the coffee beans in your mouth and wash it down with the Rum.

Drink of Fortune
FH Joanneum
Lets put your cards on the table: you deserve a drink!

Drinking Through The Decades
FH Joanneum
The incomplete list of all drinks in all eras.

Thomas Preindl no description yet

Thomas Kranabetter
no description yet

Homeopathic Cocktails
Johannes Grenzfurthner
If it is too strong, you are too weak. At least Hahnemann is certain: the D12 potency increases the effect!

In Your Face
Reinhard Sprung
The most effective machine to get drunk. Stand right under the bottle. Open your mouth. And press the button. The drink is delivered through your mouth directly into your stomach by gravity. Be sure to not hit your eyes.

Christian Sch√ľler
no description yet

Liquid Mixing Station
FH Hagenberg
no description yet

Match Your Cocktail
FH Joanneum
no description yet

FH Joanneum
no description yet

Daniel Gehrer, Daniel Gross
A mobile app lets you choose from a curated list of cocktails - or you craft your own from six fluid ingredients. Vibrant lights dance around the robot, music tells you when it is time to indulge.

Paul-Martin Patscheider
no description yet

FH Joanneum: Larissa Rodiga, Christoph Rohrer, Verena Schneider, Benedikt Lechner
no description yet

Sandra Barthel & Rich Gibson
You know all about birds? Damn right, you deserve a cocktail!

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