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Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2015.

Amalettomat 2.0
The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crèpes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it!?

Bob der Jägermeister
Clemens Wipplinger, Christina Cossee, Evelyn Leiter, Florian Reithofer, Gwendolyn Maierhofer, Paul Freiberger, Bettina Hoffellner, Johann Zuschnegg, Stefanie Schafzahl, Sara Unteregger, Helena Pichler, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Natalie Mautner, Bianca Gyulai, Daniela Bisail, Sonja Gstättner, Maria Zottler
Bob der Jägermeister means tough business. You want a Jägermeister? You gotta work for it. Control the forklift truck through a difficult maze to deliver your shot.

Einarmiger Bsuf
Michael Eder, Sebastian Gehwolf, Erwin Nindl
The "einarmiger Bsuf" (engl.: one armed drunkard) is a sophisticated approach to combine two of mankind's greatest pleasures: Gambling and Drinking.
Not only does it serve more or less delicious and potent shots, it also gives you the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope. With a little luck you will be one of the few to receive a high class 12 year old single malt whiskey. And even if you don't win the jackpot you can still count yourself lucky.
Each player wins!
On a side note, it needs to be said that this machine increases addictive behavior exponentially (as a logical outcome of combining an addictive substance that is one of the leading causes of unnatural death in this county with an even more addictive activity that often leads to criminal behavior and financial ruin).
But please don't let such depressing facts discourage you from playing.
Fortuna is smiling at you!1!

Minecraft Cocktailbot
verse publications (Tom De Roeck, James Brothwell, Bernhard Kubicek)
The Minecraft Cocktailbot is a classic PC that dispenses cocktails out of its floppy drive. It is controlled by combining certain blocks and sacrificing them to the Gods in a beautifully crafted world in the game Minecraft (by Mojang).

Oculus drink
Anna Vasof
"Oculus drink" is a drinking reality head-mounted display which is the first really professional alcohol based reality headset and the only one worldwide which offers the experience of taste and smell.

Prepare For Glory
Thomas Ablasser, Diana Bobb, Denise Danninger, Sabine Fruhmann, Daniela Gr√ľneis, Silke Haar, Nina Huber, Natalie Hammerl, Stefanie Herbst, Alexander Kremser, Xaver Lindlbauer, Eva Mathis, Maria Moschik, Barbara Pieber, Lukas Robausch, Magdalena Spatt, Anna-Theresa Taferner, Birgit Wifling, Markus Wohlk√∂nig, Michael Zahnschirm
Power. That is all you need to get what you want. And that is your enemies blood.
It is your chance to feel like a Spartan from the 2006 movie classic 300. Put on your armour, you are King Leonidas now. Keep in mind that you lead 300 Spartans into battle against Xerxes, a persian ruler and his army of more than 300,000 soldiers. Do you want to submit yourself or are you going to fight for your kingdom? Take a deep breath, shout it out as loud as you can and kick your enemy into the darkness - THIS IS SPARTA! If your kick is successful, the pitcher will pour the blood of your enemy in your chalice. Prepare for the glory, your fellows are going to pay or leave the stage in disgrace. PREPARE FOR GLORY!

PsyCam: A Raspberry Pi DeepDream Surveilance Camera For Your Seance Or Cocktail Party
Johannes Bergs
Based on the DeepDream algorithm from Google (see this gallery with DeepDream images), the PsyCam is the perfect tool for tracing paranormal activities! Especially at your seance or cocktail party!
If autostart is enabled and an external power source attached, the PsyCam will make snapshots and convert the images to a DeepDream, as long as the power source lasts. PsyCam will work only on a Raspberry Pi 2, with every bit of its RAM

Miss Peggy, Zwax, Michael Schroeder
Fitted with a variety of distilled beverages and sparking mixers, this furry monster is sure to please all drinkers. But, more than an instrument to intoxication, Queerbot is an invitation to exercise a radical imagination. Inspired by Dr. Karen Warkentin's 2015 lecture titled√ā Development, Evolution, and the Diversity of Non-Reproductive Sexual Behavior, Queerbot is an experiment that aims to challenge popular misconceptions about the relationship between genotype and phenotypic expression, especially as it relates to gender expression and sexuality. Delve into biology as ideology, queerness, strange concoctions, and let Queerbot move you away from dichotomies and take you straight into reaction norms!

Robert Martin
The drinking machine to crush all drinking machines! It's the Industrial Revolution of Mojito-making. Slow, yet convincing!

Marc Oliver Schrank
From the depths of very persistent idleness comes Onkel Olli's "Schnapsorgel" which can be translated as "Booze Organ". Once adjusted to recipes, the system delivers to the surface of perception a count of hundreds of cocktails an evening. Based on the hardware of Bartendro by Party Robotics, the Schnapsorgel is a logical step further into total carelessness. Fifteen freely definable ingredients leave room for completely new recipes. A Chaos Mode helps the undecided to his deserved alcohol intoxication. Cheers! Here’s to you.

tldr: "Schnapsorgel" will get you drunk in an instant!

Johannes Kelz, Kevin Wendler, Maria Zottler, Miriam Körösi
Perception and communication from a lot of people is permanently engraved by monitors or modern displays. We refer to this through filming the individual which is playing with our installation and projecting that picture in real time into one of our generated virtual realities. The recipient is able to manipulate that enviroment in which he or she are seeing themselves. Besides, we want to refer to the fact of selective perception: Each individual is creating their own "window of sense". The person has the possibilty to choose if he or she is experiencing him- or herself in a positive or negative enviroment. For these purposes a controller in the style of old arcade games, which could be found in amusement halls in the nineties, was installed. That controller is able to manipulate different scenarios in which the recipients are able to restore themselves. These scenarios were created by our team and consist of pictures, short films and audioclips. As assistive technology we used a MacMini, a common VGA monitor which has the format 4:3 and a self-built midi-controller, which is connected per USB to the head computer. The manipulatable picture and videoadministration is assumed by Resolume4, a software for Vjs.

Snake Shake
Lena Gattringer, Florian Lackner, Simon W√ľnscher, Benjamin Starz, Monika Bauernhofer, Stephan Wagner, Julia Hafner, Iris Huber, Katharina Mauthner, Maria Litvinkina, Christian Taferner, Adriana Ortner, Nina Hintner, Julia Zott, Adnan Mujadzic, Daria Rubisch, Michal Wintschnig, Florian Fasching, Sandro J√§ger, Julian Pircher, Paul Brauchart
Snake Shake is a one-against-one game challenge. Snake your way around the screen, try to beat your opponent, collect valuable resources and get remunerated with your special creation!

The Frame
Ryan Finnigan
Second annual Robobexotica interactive poster. Yep, that's it, a frame that pours you a shot. Each year different teams will hopefully add to it, change its trigger system, and mess with its functionality. Come every year and watch it evolve or devolve.

The poisonous drink
Thanos Vasof
"Poisonous Drink" is a drinking board game from 2 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to be the only one that stays "alive" at the end of the game.

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