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Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2014. We will post the list of robots for 2015 soon.

Beatrice Bunjaku, Florian Grünberger, Jasmin Hofer, Melissa Klotz, Raphael Koitz, Christian Leban, Kristin Meinhart, Valentina Morianz, Lukas Pfeifer, Pia Pivec, Roman Pürcher, Verena Reiter, Christian Sahin, Tamara Steinwender, Killian Tögl, Hanna Waldbauer, Magdalena Wurm
Twenty-Three years have passed since The Incident. The world lies in ruins. In a post-apocalyptic Vienna, inside the Brick 5, a lone phone booth serves as a reminder of a civilization long forgotten. Inside, posters and newspaper cuttings paint a picture of the events leading up to the destruction. The phone rings. A mysterious voice sends the visitor on a search for clues inside the cabin. If the correct code is entered into the phone while a countdown ticks down, the visitor is rewarded with a drink and is perhaps a step closer to the mystery that surrounds The Incident.

Puff, the Magic Hard-On
Whitney Deatherage, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Jenny Marx, Magenta Shipsey, Franz Ablinger
Monochrom joined forces with their favorite dragon-genetalia-making friends at Bad Dragon to bring the ultimate Saurian semen experience! Start the foreplay by whispering in Puff’s ear, then complete the mating ritual by forcefully screaming in his face. Be prepared to witness a mighty erection and swallow his delicious load! Onan (in a Creationist timeline) couldn't have done it better!

The Dealerbot
Liz Bahian, Stephan Bayer, Nina Escobar Castillo, Melanie Gasser, Beatrice Haslinger, Denise Hausjell, Alexander Hitthaler, Angelika Klug, Florian Kolaritsch, Maximilian Mauthner, Alexander Menzel, Sabrina Öttl, Victoria Pöttler, Diana Ranegger, Hanna Riebenbauer, Falk Schneider, Lisa Taurer, Philip Veech, Johanna Wenzl, Janina Zumann, Suzana Bincl, Maria Saarijärvi
For sure, one of the coolest dealers you’ve ever met in a casino. Be prepared for a special evening when you play on his roulette-table. The rules are quite the same as the original roulette: At the beginning, every player (max. 3 per game) gets a shot glass as deposit. Before and while the ball is thrown into the roulette wheel, you decide where to place your shot glass onto the roulette table. You have the choice between, colors, even and uneven as well as specific numbers. When the wheel slowly stops and the ball hits a field, the corresponding fields on the table blink. If you win, the Dealerbot grabs your shot glass and pours your shot.
Try your luck and get your shot!

Flora Bacher, Julia Baldauf, Thomas Brillinger, Ines Dick, Valerie Grafl, Christina Hauszer, Raphaela Klein, Christina Knabl, Darius Kromoser, Carina Mayerhofer, Samantha Povolny, Jessica Prasnikar, Katharina Rauch, Fabian Sackl, Anna-Katharina Schramke, Marlene Vukmanic
Like any other establishment that exists more or less only to get people drunk and horny, an après ski bar is a strange place. Things that seemingly don't go together, like ski boots and dancing, or rustic flair and modern dance music, are mixed together. A whole lot of alcohol is added on top and the result is a special place, filled to the brim with the most raw of emotions: love, hate, joy, and occasionally disgust. But most important of all: At an après ski bar, everybody is the same. There is no difference between a factory worker and an investment banker. Everyone is there for the same reason: To have a good time and possibly find someone to spend the night with.
Dancing is another great unifier: Your education doesn't matter, your bank account doesn't matter, your career doesn't matter. All that matters is how good you look on the dance floor.
Our robot fuses together these two elements. It's a Dance Dance Revolution-style dance pad, placed in a scenery styled after an après ski bar. As public dancing is all about high stakes -getting the girl, garnering a boy's interest, or at least not embarrassing yourself- our robot immediately judges the dancer's performance, based on precision and timing. Do all the right steps and you will receive a stiff drink, dance badly and your beverage might not have any alcohol in it. The cocktail will be given to you by yet another machine: A representation of the grouchy old man you usually find at these après ski huts, a relic coming from simpler and less commercialized times. The liquid will flow from his nose, either due due to his cold or social commentary. And yes, there will be impossibly cheesy music.
Try your luck and get your shot!

Florent Gales & Alexandre Girard from Tetalab (http://tetalab.org)
This robot is the flagship of 80s' french technology.
Engage the slot-machine arm, then the minitel will choose a random cocktail at 1200 bauds and mix it with love thanks to an ingenious system of syringes and bottles. All proposed cocktails are new because players create these cocktails themselves.
If a player wins the JACKPOT, then he/she wins the honour to create his own cocktail named after him/her, leaving his/her name in the Great History of Cocktail. But careful, thanks to sub-robot CUPBOT, the name and the cocktail recipe list are printed directly on the glass.
Our robot is made with several 3D printed pieces. Its code, and 3D models are freely available online with its 'Do What The Fuck You Want' license.

Drinking Balance
Anna Vasof
This apparatus trains the body to balance during alcohol consumption. A crystal glass full of vodka is attached to a balance disc. With a straw in his mouth, the user tries to balance his body on the disc and drink the shot without spilling it all over. The ones who succeed are real balanced drinkers!

Jakob Unterwurzacher, Julia Reschenhofer, Lukas PĂĽhringer, Peter Regner, Peter Reschenhofer
Challenge the "LeberTron" in order to get cocktails! This Cocktail robot does not just mix nice drinks for you. Using a wireless User Input Interface, you’ll engage in an extra-terrestrial adventure, where you have to literally meander between falling obstacles, malicious invaders, and even water shots in order to gather only those delicious ingredients you want to end up in your cocktail-glass.

The Kaiserspritzer (I+II)
Franz Ablinger, Rich Gibson
In the midst of a mass of industrial cocktail robots the Kaiserspritzer evokes the gentle joy of the Vienna Heurigen (wine tavern). Delight in the pleasures of the earth and the rhythms of nature, and drink to the spirit of the grape, and consume the magic of the elderberry.

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller
MELMACC (Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation) is a cocktail mixing robot focussing on versatility and reliability. It boasts a wide selection of drinks, which can be ordered via a custom touchscreen interface. MELMACC has been in development as a hobby project since 2003, adding new features and improving existing ones constantly. The latest additions are a robot arm to add a straw and stir your drink and a mobile web interface so you can order a cocktail from your smartphone.

Amalettomat 2.0
The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crèpes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it!?

Marc Oliver Schrank
From the depths of very persistent idleness comes Onkel Olli's "Schnapsorgel" which can be translated as "Booze Organ". Once adjusted to recipes, the system delivers to the surface of perception a count of hundreds of cocktails an evening. Based on the hardware of Bartendro by Party Robotics, the Schnapsorgel is a logical step further into total carelessness. Fifteen freely definable ingredients leave room for completely new recipes. A Chaos Mode helps the undecided to his deserved alcohol intoxication. Cheers! Here’s to you.

tldr: "Schnapsorgel" will get you drunk in an instant!

Fight for your right to party!
Aaron "SFSlim" Muszalski, David Fine
An inebriant game that uses the mechanics of the TOR network, an important system for the fight for internet privacy. Alan Turing would doubtless test this out.

The Frame
Ryan Finnigan
First annual Robobexotica interactive poster frame. Yep, that's it, a frame that pours you a shot. Each year different teams will hopefully add to it, change it's trigger system, and mess with it's functionality. Come every year and watch it evolve or devolve.

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