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Here is the list of all participants that entered the competition for the annual cocktail robotic awards 2013:

Cock's Bar
Eder Johannes, Huber Oliver, Leder Norbert, Moser Harald
Cock's Bar is designed to fulfill one of the most basic human desires: to get wasted once in a while with maximum efficiency, precision and comfort. From a user's point of view it's very simple: first, place your cup at the outlet of the machine. Second, be thrilled by the unfathomable variety of drinks the machine offers. Finally, choose your favorite drink. Within seconds it is automatically prepared and ready to be indulged. Under the hood, Cock is even more remarkable: he has a huge recipe database, and offers cocktails that utilize his available ingredients. As soon as you order a drink, the recipe is converted into a multitude of control signals for pneumatic valves and motors. Cock even remembers how many dry throats have already consumed his delicious alcoholic beverages! When the fixings get low, he informs his operators that he needs a refill – to reassure participants of an everlasting drinking experience. The sophisticated mixing itself is carried out by a newly designed low-pressure pneumatic system. This is backed up by a sublimating cooling unit that completes the overall experience.

Robomoji (view as gigapan)
Robert Martin
The drinking machine to crush all drinking machines! It's the Industrial Revolution of Mojito-making. Slow, yet convincing!

Minecraft Cocktailbot
verse publications (Tom De Roeck, James Brothwell, Bernhard Kubicek)
The Minecraft Cocktailbot is a classic PC that dispenses cocktails out of its floppy drive. It is controlled by combining certain blocks and sacrificing them to the Gods in a beautifully crafted world in the game Minecraft (by Mojang).

Michael Brandl
MIX3R, a cocktail robot. Built with 2 x LEGO Mindstorms EV3, 8 motors, 8 Sensors. Capable of mixing eight different non alcoholic cocktails

Party Robotics is bringing the world the first portable, affordable and professionally built cocktail dispensing robot for events, home, or light commercial use. Bartendro isn't just one bot anymore, but a whole family of bots tailored to suit different needs. In addition to selling amazing drink bots, Party Robotics is committed to building an Open Source Community to grow and expand Bartendro's original functions. Components are being made available, enabling people to build their own contraptions with the hardest parts already solved.

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael MĂŒller
MELMACC (Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation) is a cocktail mixing robot focussing on versatility and reliability. It boasts a wide selection of drinks, which can be ordered via a custom touchscreen interface. MELMACC has been in development as a hobby project since 2003, adding new features and improving existing ones constantly. The latest additions are a robot arm to add a straw and stir your drink and a mobile web interface so you can order a cocktail from your smartphone.

Rich Gibson
You push buttons and things happen, liquids are dispensed and sounds created. The Piston Bot provides the opportunity to play with pneumatic control to generate a cocktail accompanied with a musical interlude. Using the latest developments in electro-mechanical-pneumatic & tactile musical controls allows for an exploration of the incremental value added to the cocktail production process by the addition of musical accompanient. Also includes blikenlights and a cocktail dispensed through a giant syringe.

Christian Mairinger, Stefan Braunstein
@twitt_shitter is a little robobird who drank too many cocktails from the other robots at Roboexotica. Now his droppings are alcoholic! He’s also a famewhore: when he recieves a tweet on his Twitter account, he shits a shot. Just mention @twitt_shitter and he will shit his special shot for you. If you follow him first, he will even tell you the exact time of his next excretory event. No Twitter? Insert coin!

The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crépes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it!?

Bernhard Kubicek
Layerbot features three self-created peristaltic pumps that will fill a shot glass with a layered drink, i.e. a B52. It is a stick like platform with some electronics. Three tube-outlets are lowered into the shot glass. The height of the glass and the bottom level is measured by infrared-reflex-couplers. Then, liquid A is poured, until 1/3 height is reached. While pouring, the platform is elevated so that the outlets are at a constant distance to the liquid's surface. Thereafter, the same procedure is done for liquid B and C.

The Time Machine
Tina Bauer, Julia Egger, Susanne Fellner, Barbara Gundl, Stefanie Horvath, Lukas Kollmann, Peter Lazarus, Jakob Listabarth, Thomas Mirnig, Veronika Muchitsch, Lukas Pehofer, Felix Pichler, Stefan Reinprecht, Josef Alois SchĂŒtzenhöfer, Igor Ć tumberger, Marie-Christin Url, Clara Wildberger
Let us take you to places beyond your wildest imagination. Travel back and forth in time and discover places you have always wanted to visit. Were the dinosaurs killed by a meteorite? Was Mary Poppins from outer space? And was Jesus really a nice dude or just another pimp? What will the future look like? For a few minutes you can become a real time traveller. However, it is obligatory for you to have a proper drink to fill you with energy and keep you awake. But since the glass won't fill by itself, you will have to work your way to the top. Step onto the pedals and travel through time while you work hard for the magical fluid. But be careful, if you step on the pedals (*khm*driiiiink*khm*) too hard, you may end up in a Time Warp and wake up the next day in a random location, different than your starting point (possibly with a so called hang-warp-over or a head-time-ache).

Shoot 'n' Shot
Isabella Auer, Leo Dodlek, Lisa Faustmann, Nina Friedl, Florian HasenhĂŒttl, Andreas Kolli, Stefan KĂŒstner, Micol Magnani, Christina Morell, Daniel Nussbaum, Lisa Obenauf, Florian Rauschenberger, Joris Rigerl, Maximilian Schmid, Wendelin Schwarzer, Julia Überbacher, Martin Weber, Sara Wilfling
In a time where machines rule the world and the balance between mankind and artificial intelligence is endangered, two warriors use the synergy between human power and mechanical strength to arm themselves and combat each other. Both players engaged in the battle are connected to the enormous calculation machine that evaluates who strikes first. All the players are kept on the score-board, where everyone can check who is leading the revolution. Fast reaction and eagle-eye accuracy are crucial. As a reward, the winner experiences the well-deserved shot of a good tasting cocktail, whereas the loser gets what is deserved.

Dead Donny's Drunken Bowling
Maximilian Anger, Stefanie BrĂŒckler, Manuela Elser, Ivan Filippi, Martin Haindl, Gernot Knechtel, Benjamin Leibetseder, Martin Mackinger, Katja Mock, Lisa Neureiter, Clemens Plank-Bachselten, Markus Resch, Pablo Scheucher, Katharina Schwarz, Milena Spiegel, Elias Tinchon, Klara Vith
Have you ever wanted to step into The Dude's shoes? And are you, by any chance, ­crazy about White Russians? Then today is your lucky day! Obviously, we don't want to spoil the fun in advance, but there is one warning we need to issue: It is not advisory to play this game if you are scared of ghosts. Seriously. Truly magical things are going to happen during these three days, and it won't be solely because of the alcohol if you lose your mind. Put on your best and smelliest bowling shoes, grab a beer and get bowling! But mind your step, you don't want to be caught crossing the foul line

Marcel Jira, Peter Regner, Peter Reschenhofer, Κυριάκος Τσουκαλάς, Jakob Unterwurzacher
Using nothing else but cranks and bottles, Barwin is accurate enough to serve exactly the same cocktail over and over again. But instead of doing so, Barwin employs an evolutionary algorithm to create a unique mix for each customer. This mechanism simulates a population of cocktails that evolves over time, making each generation meet the common taste more efficiently than the former. To help the population evolve, the client is asked to evaluate each drink. YOU decide if your cocktail can pass its properties to the upcoming generation, or if it is erased from the gene pool. When evolution succeeds, the fittest cocktails will survive and some barkeepers may lose their jobs.

KĂ„ttolik, the Guardian of the Old Ikea Ones
Ryan Finnigan, Franz Ablinger, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Aaron Beck
Only a GROUP can worship KÄttolik, the Guardian of the Old Ikea Ones! IÄ! IÄ! Ja-röst! Ja-röst! Kattolik Fhtagn! Praise him and touch yourself! His children are hungry for Swedish meatballs, and he provides the drink to swallow them! The dark nectar! Och gÄr du för lÄngt Ät det hÄllet, Àr det helt enkelt rubricerat som galenskap!

The Smell of Defeat
Alexandre Lejeune
A re-imagining of “Rock Paper Scissors” which pits your luck against a diabolical clean-smell-spritzing gamebot. This new take on the classic game of chance uses the LeapMotion as gestural input to convert the short-lived shame of loss into the all-day fresh scent of clean laundry, and the triumph of winning into drunkenness.

Isabella Auer
Bunnybot defecates peanuts, the mightiest of all bar-food-pellets.

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