robots 2010

12" pianist
Jesse Zbikowski, Franz Ablinger, Phil Stearns
Need some stylish bar music? The 12" pianist will play for you. Just talk to him.

Slow Shot
David Brunnthaler, Christian Katzinger, Marcin Szostak
Binge drinking may result in serious health risks. Abrupt seriousness, the belief that it is ok to call your ex at 5 am in the morning or forgetting your national anthem are just a few of the possible negative effects. In order to give you additional time to think about the consequences of the action you're about to take, our apparatus slows down the process of giving you your desired shot. After all we don't want to get you drunk. We just want you to loosen up. This project was made possible by the Department of Interface Cultures at the Kunstuniversität Linz.

Ka Ratte
David Hell, Martin Holler, Simon Pechmann, Attila Primus, Brigitte Reiterer, Marcel Seelig, Felix WĂĽrschinger
Randomly mixed cocktails based on the movement of a small remote controlled rodent. Our customer is invited to play, afterwards rewarded with a cocktail which is mixed based on the actions of the rodent on the playing field. The end result, mixed out of eight alcoholic or non-alcoholic ingredients, will be "puked out" by the giant rodent.

The Catgod Bot
Daniel Schnitzer, Danijel Tomic
The cats have created their own milk god. Yes, they did. The Catgod Bot changes milk into foam. But how can this be? It uses some kind of mixer. The cats bought it in a store. The mixer moves so incredibly fast. Oh good lord. Look at the milk, it became foam! Funny white beards we have, ladies and gentlemen. Funny white beards.
If you prefer alcoholic beverages please visit "White Russian Hippie" first and sacrifice the beverage to the Catgod Bot.

The Shotbot
Katharina Petsche, Marlene Schretter, Kristina Kiremidjian, Spohie Stallegger, Lukas Haider, Franz Ferdinand Kubin, Georg Fasswald, Barbara Höfler, Kathrin Mayer, Natascha Safarik, Ksenia Pogorelova, Patricia Dobrindt, Thomas Steiner, Werner Huber, Lia Rädler, Moritz Rzehak, Michael Fellner
Who didn't, at one time, want to shoot their friends? The Shotbot gives you the chance to do exactly that, with (almost) no risks involved. It will not kill your friends by shooting them per se, but by making them so drunk they will probably drop dead all by themselves. Position yourself at the Arcade Machine and your friend in front, aim, shoot, enjoy. Take care though, you might get wet (protective gear available).

W.C. - WODKA CLOSETT (We don't give a shit!)
Simon Cazzanelli, Cornelia Hackl, Marion Kamper, Katrin Kreiner, Johanna Lamprecht, Christoph Mauerhofer, Moritz Pisk, Helena Schmidt
You wish every night out would end in a Wodka Closett! You ask why? Imagine it's 4 am, you're at a party, you're flat broke, but you're still thirsty for another glass of hard stuff. Go ahead, conquer the kingdom of the bathroom and get down on your knees and pray to his majesty the king: the toilet! Let yourself go and have a drink out of the royal bowl. But do not break the imperial etiquette and have somebody hold your hair back. Cheers! Step by step: take a cup, flush the toilette and fill it up. If you missed the flow and your cup is half empty, you can simply use the plunger. Pimp your drink with tasty orange or apple juice, ruby Brenadine or Blue Courasau if pure 'Toilet Wodka Water' is too strong! Wodka Closett - We don't give a shit.

Kitzel den Zapfhahn
Auferbauer Katharina, Becker Gudrun, Eckert Verena, Freidl Lisa, Hammer Maria, Hofmann Laurin, Jud Jacqueline, Kleindinst Anna, Oedl Franziska, Rappold Philipp, Schagerl Elisabeth, Steiner Katharina, Tappeiner Barbara, Zieger Marie
The unrealistically big chicken body consists of a wire frame covered in foam material and decorated with fabric and feathers. To get your drink, you have to tickle the so-called "Zapfhahn". By doing this, sensors which are programmed with Arduino boards will be activated and connect with the drinks dispenser which squirts out alcoholic egg nog.

Cock ooh! rotica
Beate Höller, Katharina Glanz, Fabian Pontoni, Markus Schwarz
I take until I give. I like your tit. It erects me in my pants. Well, baby, me so horny. Me SO horny. Me love you long time. If you look at me you say "uuuh" what a pretty lover! Let's talk about my cocky right now you hear me? You got your mouthy, I got my cocky, anybody else who wants something from my tasty cocktail? Me go so hmmmm and make a connection! You hear my voice and get a nipple erection! You know me love you an truly, from head down to mi goolie! Do want me to jerk off in your cup? Come closer! Come very close! I mean very close! Surround my cock with your nice, soft hands and then give it to me. Once again. And again. Harder. Faster. C to the O to the C to the K! OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Florian Leitl, Riccarda Zinggl, Leonhard Primig, Maria Eisl, Julian Kogler, Carmen Haeusl, Paul Barran, Markus Oelhafen, Matthias Kaiser, Riccarda Schweigler, Sophia Pieber, Daniela Schantl, Christian Kattinger
Our uncle Engelbert has come back to live. He rotted in hell and now he punishes the living. Engelbert is full of zombie blood; you have to milk him. Push his heart and he will give you some of his red gold. He died by cerebral hemorrhage and now his head is full of small blood clots! So come on and taste some of these delicious tiny "cherries".

Benny the Booze Organ
Ryan Finnigan
Our robot is a drink mixing booze organ otherwise affectionately known as "Benny the Booze Organ". It uses IR proximity sensors instead of keys. Each note corresponds to a different ingredient (8 notes, 8 ingredients). As you move your hands up and down over the IR detectors they send midi data to a laptop that then sends corresponding control data to servo motors connected to valves, which release the correct (or incorrect) ingredient.

Bernhard Kubicek
It features three self-created peristaltic pumps that will fill a shot glass with a layered drink, i.e. a B52. Basically a stick like platform with some electronics and the three tube-outlets is lowered into the shot glass, the height of the glass and the bottom level is measured by infrared-reflex-couplers. Then, liquid A is poured, until 1/3 height is reached. While pouring, the platform is elevated, so that the outlets are at a small, constant distance to the liquid's surface. Thereafter, the same procedure is done for liquid B and C.

Desoberation Chamber
Dixie Red & Heisl Amir
Striving for perfection
Stripping your senses along with
Every last bit of soberness from you.
Take a deep breath.

The Exciterator
Crashspace LA (Sean Bonner and many others)
The Exciterator is Crash Space's entry this year. The finest period industrial equipment available; a Relaxacisor-brand electroshock machine, the highest-quality AMS Oil Filter Demonstrator, and vintage waist-belt whole body vibration platform. All these combine into the finest 1950s experience available in the shortest possible time. Receive a perfectly mixed gin and tonic, a refreshing cigarette, a dashing fedora, and a trimming vibration and electroshock therapy, all delivered in less than ten seconds, at high velocity. A high quality color photograph will be provided afterward of your thrilling experience.

Anouk Wipprecht, Jane Tingley and Marius Kintel. Special thanks to V2_Labs for their assistance.
Daredroid is a biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot, which rewards players with a White Russian cocktail upon accepting and completing a game of Truth or Dare. The dress combines pneumatic technology with open-source hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made White Russian cocktail.
Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.
Breach the intimate space of the human host, and the system shuts down - play the game, and be rewarded with sweet White Russian Nectar!!
Do you Dare to play??

Robomoji (view as gigapan)
Robert Martin
The drinking machine to crush all drinking machines! It's the Industrial Revolution of Mojito-making. Slow, yet convincing!

Rotsch-O-Mat Jukebox
Roger Weber
You've had enough of loud, rotten cover bands that play terribly and behave badly! The JUKEBOX by rotsch-o-mat will help:
Insert a coin, press the song number and Rotsch will sing and play for you on his ukulele.

Chris Veigl
A Roboexotica veteran. Serves snacks. Yummie!

White Russian Hippie
1st Vienna Cocktailrobot Workshop Crew: Heidi Trimmel, Karina Schwarz, Franz Ablinger, Chris Veigl, Magnus Wurzer
This cocktail robot is the outcome of the first Vienna cocktail robotics workshop held in 2009. As the name suggests, it offers the choice between a White Russian or its vegan counterpart - the White Hippie! Made from Arduino processors and found parts, it mixes and serves the cocktail with ice when a glass is placed on the designated platform and a choice of drink made by pressing a button.

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller
Short for: Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation. Melmacc is a cocktail mixing robot. It boasts a wide variety of popular cocktails which are prepared directly before the patron's eyes.

Flamethrower BBQ
Kal Spelletich
It is what it is. It's dangerous. And serves you meat.

(Not) Music for Robots
Phillip Stearns
Live music every hour! Bring your ipod and I'll remix your favorite songs while robots mix your drinks.

Daniel Schatzmayr, Andrea Reiss, Nora Neumann
"I am gonna replace my soul with tschunk and become immortal."
Ambrosia, the divine drink, is offered to you in the form of tschunk by a flower willing to interact with you.
Amboribot is alive, an hybrid of robotics and origami inspired by Matthew Gardiner.

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