robots 2012

Adrian Dabrowski
It's a robot that smokes cigarettes. Feed it yours, as a gesture of goodwill!

Cock's Bar
Eder Johannes, Huber Oliver, Leder Norbert, Moser Harald
Cock's Bar is the device you've always dreamed of! You will nurse on loads of tasty cocktails without annoying your guests or even yourself by preparing them. It's a pneumatic device which utilizes magnetic valves to mix a great variety of different cocktails. The key is a highly sophisticated estimation algorithm controlling the magnetic valves which allows us to prepare all of these drinks without any sensors.

The perfect combination of mechatronics and gluttony! Amalettomat creates wonderful crépes, automagically! And the dough contains alcohol! Alcohol for eating! Can you believe it?

Lovebot 4000
Christian Mairinger, Stefan Braunstein
Kiss! - all couples who follow the Lovebot 4000's challenge will be rewarded with two shots. Thanks to sophisticated sensors and adaptive neural networks Lovebot 4000 is able to detect if the couple in front of it is actually kissing. A little peck on the cheek on the first date or a sensual smooch - Lovebot's algorithms know how to reward mutual affection: with two shots of Amor's illegally produced Elixir of Love to sweeten and loosen those next kisses.

Bernhard Kubicek
It features three self-created peristaltic pumps that will fill a shot glass with a layered drink, i.e. a B52. Basically a stick like platform with some electronics and the three tube-outlets is lowered into the shot glass, the height of the glass and the bottom level is measured by infrared-reflex-couplers. Then, liquid A is poured, until 1/3 height is reached. While pouring, the platform is elevated, so that the outlets are at a small, constant distance to the liquid's surface. Thereafter, the same procedure is done for liquid B and C.

Oliver Höftberger, Robert Neuner, Michael Müller
MELMACC (Mysterious Electrical Machine for Automated Cocktail Creation) is a cocktail mixing robot focussing on versatility and reliability. It boasts a wide selection of drinks, which can be ordered via a custom touchscreen interface. MELMACC has been in development as a hobby project since 2003, adding new features and improving existing ones constantly. The latest additions are a robot arm to add a straw and stir your drink and a mobile web interface so you can order a cocktail from your smartphone.

Answers in the bottom of a glass
Veronika Krenn, Oliver Kellow
"Answers in the bottom of a glass" is a bar table at which participants can sit and enjoy their drink. When it is empty, vibrations from the table will be amplified by the glass or cup, allowing the participant to listen to a selection of appropriate sound bytes emanating from the bottom of the bottle - referencing myths and stereotypes of bar and drinking culture, such as the adage "Looking at the world from the bottom of a glass".

Reverse Miracle
Veronika Krenn, Oliver Kellow
Reverse Miracle is a DIY system designed to turn wine into drinkable water in the hopes of softening the after-effects of the alcohol-rich Roboexotica environment. Referencing the enviable Water-to-Wine bible miracle, this automated system slowly distills out the alcohol, impurities, and finally the water from red wine using exact PID temperature control and a custom made heating element.

Fredy's Drummerhand
Part of the ensemble of „six freaks under“, a robot music theater production, Fredy's hand doesn't save us time or take labor off humans. Instead it seduces and maximizes joy. Presentation Sun Dec 9th, 6pm

Thomas Buchinger, Isabel Erlebach, Lisa Gaugl, Daniela Gruber, Michael Gügerl, Jennifer Höll, Katharina Höppel, Bernhard Karisch, Monika Minichberger, Roman Pendl, Sabrina Pirker, Lisa Schantl, Robert Vörös, Martina Winkler, Bettina Wretschko
Our robot is an over-sized, adapted version of the game classic "Connect 4". The game is played as usual. Two gamers compete against each other by putting one token onto the other. The game is won when one player manages to have 4 tokens in a row. The difference is that in our game the playing field is a 1.8 meter high shelf, subdivided into 5Ă—5 compartments. Depending on whose turn it is, the chosen compartment illuminates in a certain color. Furthermore, every compartment stands for a certain drink and in the end the winner gets a cocktail.

Beekmann Ole, Csar Kristina, Göllner Stefan, Habermann Georg, Holler Joachim, Hutter Andrea, Kogler Martina, Koller Alexander, Mitterberger Johannes, Pessl Lukas, Rath Lisa, Schmid Susanne, Schmidt Saskia, Weiss Miriam, Winter Daniel, Zarfl Thomas
Bring along a friend and take a seat in grandma's cosy living room. But be aware that there will be no time to relax in this kind of rocking chair: you must help grandpa escape his angry wife's rampage and fight your way through this classic 2D side-scrolling game. Only if you and your friend cooperate and literally rock the rocking chair, will you succeed. Then you'll enjoy a sparkling refreshment with thankful grandpa and have a grand old time together!

Bastian Weiss, Sebastian Wöhrer, Katharina Holler, Miriam Derler, Anna Frohmann, Paula Josefa Gomez Rosado, Ines Pinter, Raphael Loder, Lena Sophie Hafner, Verena Jauk, Olgica Kusovska, Philipp Schwarzbauer, Valentina Grabner, Carolina Ramalho de Freitas, Anna Rohner, Valentina Boscolo, Woscht Müller, Johanna Kompacher, Rahi Sandhu
LASERTAG & ALCOHOL! What more can we say? In Bottlefield, two competitors can each choose one of four fantastical roles, to compete in epic battles for fame, glory, honor and wo/men. The consumption of exquisite alcohol enables the player to recharge his munition and furthermore destroy his dignified competitor. In addition, the personal matter of taste will be tested by the opportunity to dress up as a zombie, incubus (or better called "Krampus"), disco-man or ballerina. A challenge for eyes, body and soul.

Jakob Brix, Valentin Eisele, Doris Gaal, Martin Gressl, Barbara Haupt, Bianca Höller, Nils Kaltschmidt, Eva Koppler, Nejc Kuzmic, Gerrit Lantzberg, Anna Müllneritsch, Isabella Planker, Fanny Seiwald, Joseph Thanhäuser, Stefan Wenger, Jane Wolfersberger
Fluzl is a competitive pinball game. The game is played by two opposing players. The playing field consists of two joined pinball tables. The player that scored more goals wins the drinks. Cheers!

Vesna Krebs and Borut Kumperščak
Phenakistomixer is a visual training tool for aspiring bartenders and other enthusiasts. Since the visual aesthetic of cocktail mixing is very important for the final impression, this helpful tool allows you to experiment with combinations of colors of classic cocktail spirits before the actual drinks are poured in the mixer. In advanced mode it is also possible to play with various cocktail decorations. Originally discs which had slits cut into them and had to be viewed through a mirror, Phenakistomixer appropriates this with plain discs precisely synchronized with the shutter of a video camera to achieve a similar effect. For realistic mixing experience two such turntables are used simultaneously, which produces a unique visual experience and invites viewers and drinkers to create progressively wilder and surreal mixes! Let's spin the discs and have a PHENAKISTOMIX!

Marcel Jira, Peter Regner, Jakob Unterwurzacher, Anna Vasof
T.R.E.E. is a Recycling and Ecological Engine. Turn water into wine, beer into a tasty cocktail or just recycle a cocktail mixed by a crazed cocktail robot. Recycling the old, stale, drink, T.R.E.E. mixes a new, delicious one. The robot is 100% ecological, no electrical energy is used. T.R.E.E. is dedicated to bio-hipsters and T.R.E.E.-huggers. To brown-nose the jury, some parts of the robot were 3D-printed.

Robert Martin
Cherry! Banana! Play for your non-alcoholic drinks, kids!

Robomoji (view as gigapan)
Robert Martin
The drinking machine to crush all drinking machines! It's the Industrial Revolution of Mojito-making. Slow, yet convincing!

The Dancingularity -- plus Drinkularity Extension
Kokoromi (plus Drinkularity Extension Team: Daniel Schatzmayr, Franz Ablinger, Johannes Grenzfurthner)
The Dancingularity is a synaesthetic musical/visual electronic dance party event featuring custom game hardware and software. Partygoers dancing on a giant pressure-sensitive floor pad influence the projected visuals in realtime. While attendees dance to tracks from kokoromi's DJs, they orchestrate interactive moments of dance gameplay which are seamlessly synchronized with the music. The "Dance Master" - a role similar to a VJ - manages the game's crowd-interactive behaviors in addition to the onscreen visuals. How it works: Hacked DDR mats are combined into a giant dance floor. Any number of partygoers can dance on the giant interactive mat. The dancers on the mat influence the on-screen visuals by stepping on the integrated pressure pads. At certain moments in the music (the "breaks"), the DJ and DM trigger a special game mode which lets the dancers "build up" dance energy with especially enthusiastic movement. Each time the dancers succeed in "filling the energy bar," they are rewarded visually and musically with a special effect called THE DANCINGULARITY – and at the same time the DJ and DM are being served by the DRINKULARITY: a special robot mixer that offers them a tasty cocktail. Fuel for more party!

Postapocalyptic Drink Measurement
Safecast / Sean Bonner
Safecast is an organization with the goal of collecting and distributing accurate and detailed radiation contamination information to people in Japan whose lives have been impacted by the events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. A successfully funded Kickstarter campaign helped Safecast pay for a number of devices that we were able to get into the hands of volunteers to help collect that data. Data which didn't exist prior to these efforts. But radiation is a global problem. Austria is bordering several nations that depend on nuclear energy and there are several nuclear power plants close to major urban areas. An accident -- and a potentially post-apocalyptic scenario -- may only be a switch away. Safecast wants to present its newest Geiger Counter at Roboexotica and measure your drinks! You cannot be safe enough!

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